CONIFA World Cup: Where Non-FIFA Teams Come Together to Embrace Football


The CONIFA World Cup is a tournament that enables non-FIFA football federations to take part in a global competition that celebrates the beautiful game. The competition takes place every two years.

What is CONIFA?

The Confederation of Independent Football Associations is an umbrella association for states, minorities, stateless peoples, and regions who are unaffiliated with FIFA. The association holds several tournaments that enable a wide range of underrepresented people to compete on an international level.

Currently, the organisation has over 50 members including nations/regions such as Darfur, Kurdistan, Northern Cyprus, Rohingya, Somaliland, Tibet, and Zanzibar.

The primary goal of the CONIFA World Cup is to enable sub-national entities, stateless peoples, and ethnic minorities to take part in an international football tournament.

Video by CONIFA

The last World Cup was hosted by Barawa and held in London. 16 teams took part and Kárpátalja emerged as the winner after beating Northern Cyprus on penalties.

The non-profit, grassroots football tournament not only enables players to play at an international level but also allows fans to cheer for a football team they can truly identify with.

The “small” World Cup, therefore, guarantees a great atmosphere that makes the competition a worthwhile visit. Even if you don’t come from one of the regions that are taking part, you will enjoy yourself.

How Can You Support CONIFA?

CONIFA World Cup

If you would like to support the Confederation of Independent Football Associations, you could become a member of the organisation and lend a helping hand. The association can use volunteers with a range of skills to help organise its popular tournaments.

Additionally, you could become a sponsor and act as a financial backer of upcoming football tournaments.

Finally, you can attend the competitions, support the teams, and, of course, invite your mates along.

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