Irriducibili Lazio: Italy’s Most Infamous Fascist Ultras Group

Irriducibili Lazio
SS Lazio fans in the Stadio Olimpico of Rome | Image by Andrew

The Irriducibili Lazio is the most influential ultras group in the Curva Nord of S.S. Lazio Rome. The Irriducibili banner first appeared on the stands during a home match against Padova in 1987.

It did not take long for the Irriducibili to rise to power in the Curva Nord. The groups stood out from traditional Italian fans by adopting more of an English supporter style with more chanting and fewer drums.

By 1992, when the Eagles Supporters disbanded, the Irriducibili were the undisputed leaders of Lazio’s Curva Nord. From then on, the Irriducibili largely remained the driving force in Lazio’s Curva Nord.

And it still is today.

Ultras Lazio And Politics

Ultras Lazio

In its over 30-year history, the Irriducbili has become most known for being fascist, racist, and violent.

Even today, in a footballing world where racism and discrimination are harshly penalized, you will find the first few rows in the Curva Nord full of men raising their right hand for the fascist salute. The driving force behind this political spectacle is the Irriducibili.

The association of fascism and racism has spread to the majority of Lazio ultras and fans, despite the fact that there are also openly anti-fascist Lazio ultras. This is a testament to how far the Irriducibili has managed to establish themselves and their political views in Lazio’s supporter’s scene.

In line with their political leanings, the group also built relationships with fellow fascist ultras at Inter Milan and Hellas Verona. Additionally, there are friendships in Europe with fans of Real Madrid, Levski Sofia, and Wisla Krakow. In some ways, Lazio’s Curva Nord acts as a poster child for extreme right-wing supporter groups.

Video by Alessandro Telich

The incidents of racism, antisemitism, and the displays of fascist ideology have been countless at Lazio Rome games. Perhaps, the biggest incident took place at a derby in the 1998-99 season when Lazio ultras unveiled a 50-metre banner that read “Auschwitz is your town, the ovens are your houses.”

Irriducibili: More Than “Just” Ultras

Aside from being the leading supporter’s group of Lazio Rome, the Irriducibili was and remains active outside of the terraces.

First and foremost, the group ran a number of Lazio merchandising stores in Italy’s capital. The “Original Fans” brand was sold across town and de facto replaced Lazio’s official merchandise. In addition, the group even managed to secure certain merchandising rights from the club. The “Original Fans” stores were highly lucrative venture. They helped to financially support fan activities, such as choreographies and travel, and reportedly gave core members of the group a very comfortable life.

Furthermore, the group operated and still operates several media platforms, including a radio show and an active YouTube channel. The Irriducibili use these platforms to spread their message and recruit new members.

According to media reports, several leading members of the Irriducibli have also been involved in organised crime. The recently murdered Irriducibili leader, Fabrizio “Diabolik” Piscitelli, for example, was involved in the drug trade, according to a report by The Guardian.

In addition, in 2015, “Diabolik” and other leading figures in the Irriducibili were handed prison sentences for extortion after they allegedly attempted to seize control of Lazio Rome from its owner at the time.

The Derby Della Capitale

The Irriduciblili’s biggest rivals are the fans of AS Rome, which becomes apparent during the Rome derby. The Derby della Capitale is a true spectacle of mentalità ultras.

You can expect giant choreographies, hundreds of flares, dozens of banners, and outbursts of violence inside and outside the stadium when the two clubs meet.

Video by Ultras World

Additionally, the Irriducibili have fierce rivalries with supporters who hold extreme left-wing political views. Most notably, fans from Livorno and Atalanta. Moreover, ultras Lazio also consider Napoli, Juventus, Milan, and Fiorentina as bitter rivals.

There is no doubt that the Curva Nord is home to amazing support, great choreographies, and passionate fans. However, the widespread racism and ongoing displays of fascist ideology have tainted the Curva Nord, Lazio Rome, and Italian football as a whole. Currently, there are no signs that this will stop anytime soon.

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