Notts County FC: The Club That Gave Juventus Its Colours

Notts County FC
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Notts County Football Club was formed in 1862 and is documented as the oldest professional football club in the world. Popularly known as the Magpies due to their white and black striped jerseys, the club plays its home games at the Meadow Lane, which has been their home since 1910.

The Notts County and Juventus Connection

Notts County

When they started, Notts County had amber and black hooped shirts. After switching to amber and then chocolate and blue, the club finally settled for their black and white striped shirts in 1890. 

In 1903, Italian giants were tired with their then jerseys which kept on fading after being washed.

Just like many other clubs established in Europe in the 19th century, Juventus was heavily influenced by English tradition. The tremendous influence of English migrants was noticeable as the beautiful game spread across Europe. 

As luck would have it, they had an Englishman in their ranks, John Savage. He was one of the club’s founding players and the man who would solve the Old Lady’s kit crisis for good. They wanted a jersey that would withstand all these tough conditions. 

John Savage had links with Notts County and asked the club if they could send a replacement kit for Juventus. The Magpies obliged and sent their black and white kits. When Juventus received this famous kit, they not only inherited it but also received a new identity. As they say, the rest is history!

The Old Lady took the new color scheme and fell in love with the black and white stripes. When it was time to change the kit, they still maintained the same pattern. 

Over the past years, the Bianconeri have made various changes to the club but the kit has remained the same. 

Class, Success and Dominance

It’s been over a century since a connection between Nottingham and Turin was made. Juventus have further enhanced that kit into a symbol of class, success, and dominance. 

The Old Lady only dreamed of the success Notts County had but now they have made strides bigger than they would have imagined. 

Juventus are now Italy’s champions and recognised as the kings of black and white. However, they owe all this to their counterparts from Nottingham.  

Notts County and the Old Lady have maintained this relationship ever since. In 2011, Notts County was invited to play in an exhibition match to mark the opening of the Juventus Stadium in Turin. The famous match ended in a 1-1 draw.

The FA Cup

Notts County FC won the FA Cup in the 1893/94 season. They managed this feat after being relegated to the second tier the previous season.

With this achievement, they became the first league club below the top flight to lift the trophy.

Notts County managed this after thrashing Bolton Wanderers 4-1 at Goodison Park. Additionally, this was the first time the FA Cup was won by a professional club outside of the West or North-West Midlands.

Notts County’s Ardent Supporters 

Notts County has various supporter groups that make the club very unique and discernible from many other teams. They are part and parcel of the club.

You will come across a pleasant atmosphere in any of Notts County’s game. You can’t fail to notice the organisation that is found at the club. This is due to the dedicated fans who put in a shift and play their role efficiently. They support the club on and off the field wholeheartedly.

Disabled Supporters

This is a group of individuals who are disabled and was formed to provide them with all the necessary conditions. This is very suitable and makes them enjoy all the home matches. The group has been at the forefront in conjunction with the club. For this reason, they have managed to help the club comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). Additionally, they are members of Level Playing Field (LPF). The Disabled Supporters have also been responsible for various sporting activities that have brought many people together. Moreover, the group has managed to set up a sensory room which helps kids with autism and so much more.


Notts County is an all-inclusive club and accommodates the LGBT+ family, fans and allies. It’s one of the most recent groups and was established in 2015. The fan group has grown over the last few years and enjoys massive numbers of members on social media as well as at the ground. 

The LGBT Pies provides an avenue through which the LGBT+ Notts County fans and friends link up. The group works hand in hand with the club on various matters. They have been vocal in various projects and drives such as Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces and Kick it Out. All these are responsible for eliminating discrimination out of the game. The LGBT Pies have managed to reduce the stigma that is faced in football and has made Meadow Lane a safe and welcoming space for all to visit.

Notts County Supporters Club

This group was formed as early as 1947 even though it is believed it happened long before that year. The supporters club has been vocal in the last 7 decades. They have been at the forefront of various activities that have gone on to shape the past and future of Notts County FC. They have been responsible for various fundraising activities that have bailed out the club on many occasions. 

Moreover, the members of the Notts County Supporters Club have bought items for the club such as training equipment. Furthermore, they also sponsor the academy. They are one of the cogs in the wheel that makes the club run efficiently. They also provide members and non-members with transport to away fixtures without any form of discrimination. The Supporters Club continues to play a vital role in all areas of Notts County.

Notts County Supporters’ Trust

This group was formed in 2003 to rescue the club from the financial turmoil that gripped the Magpies in the early 2000s. They came together and chipped anything that could help the club and they managed to save the team. This group is solely there for two functions. To shield the club in times of financial crisis and to voice the supporters’ opinion in matters that pertain to the running of the club.

Notts County has room for everyone and this is shown by the various outfits that are found at the club. Other notable groups include the Official Supporters’ Association and the SLOs. All of them have their place at the club and play important roles.


Notts County FC’s main archrival is neighbours Nottingham Forest. However, due to their prolonged stay in the lower leagues, they have developed a fierce rivalry with Mansfield Town.

Additionally, Notts County shares rivalries with Chesterfield, Lincoln City, Derby County, and Leicester City.

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Donald Maloba is a Kenyan football writer and former football player. He eats, sleeps, and breathes football. He supports AFC Leopards.

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