Stonewall FC: Britain’s First and Best LGBT+ Football Club

Stonewall FC

Stonewall FC is described as the world’s most successful LGBT+ football club.

Formed in 1991, Stonewall Football Club is a London-based football club that offers an avenue for queer football players of any ability to play competitive football. They are nicknamed the “Stones” and play their matches at the Barn Elms Playing Fields, Barnes.

Successful History

Stonewall Football Club

Stonewall FC has experienced a lot of success in its 29 years of history in various forms.

They are currently 11 divisions below the Football League after they earned a promotion to the Premier Division of the Middlesex County Football League. 

In their history, they have done more than just breaking new barriers.

Stonewall FC has won the Middlesex County League Senior Division with 12 points. Moreover, they won the gold medal at the Gay Games 2002 in Sidney. Additionally, they have 7 IGLFA (International Gay and Lesbians Association) World cup wins. 

A Safe Haven

Stonewall FC
Image by Stonewall FC

The club started when founder and amateur footballer Aslie Pitter put up an advertisement on a gay publication. He asked if like-minded guys could turn up for a Sunday kick-a-about. He received overwhelming feedback and as a result, Stonewall Football Club was born.

Since its inception, Stonewall FC has been at the forefront of providing a safe and welcoming environment for queer footballers. The club offers a home where anyone can play football free of discrimination or judgement.

It doesn’t matter whether you can play or not because all are welcome. Moreover, sexual orientation or preference is a non-issue. 

Partnership With the FA

Stonewall FC recently forged a new partnership with The FA to actively spread their message around the UK. 

On November 23, 2018, Stonewall Football Club became the first non-league team to play a league match in a regular-season at Wembley. The fixture took place as part of that years’ Rainbow Laces season. This is Stonewall’s campaign to Foster unity and inclusiveness to make the sport everyone’s game. They squared it out with Wilberforce Wanderers and came out on top with an overwhelming 3-1 scoreline.


This partnership brought on board the governing body making them a member of Stonewall’s Diversity Champion Programme. This is a campaign aimed at creating the game for everyone and where anyone can be themselves. 

This initiative ensured that Stonewall FC would help The FA in important areas. It would be within participation, communication, workforce management, governance, and embodiment all over the game.

All this was to show The FA’s commitment to embodying LGBQ+ inclusion across current and future business plans as well as teams.

Inclusion and Diversity

Video by Kick it Out

Stonewall Football club has always been on the path to making sure that the game is inclusive and diverse. They have opened the environment for creating an open path for LGBQ+ people in the sport.

The club’s mission is for everyone to be involved in the game at all levels of football. They intend to influence people from different areas. From the community to the elites, they want everyone to be included and a door opened for them.

Stonewall FC presents an opportunity for football to help change hearts and minds beyond the stadium. The principles embodied by Stonewall FC are that the game is for everyone.

Leaving a Mark in the World of Football

Stonewall FC is not only a successful side or a flag-bearer of the LGBT+ community in grassroots football. They have broken barriers and spread their message of inclusivity far and wide.

As they continue scaling new heights, Stonewall Football Club’s biggest achievement so far is changing the perception of queer people in football.

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Donald Maloba is a Kenyan football writer and former football player. He eats, sleeps, and breathes football. He supports AFC Leopards.

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